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Acadia audiobook now on sale from audible. Written by Sterling Nixon and narrated by Tom Adams


Acadia, the last human city. For 200 years, vicious creatures have laid siege to the city, leaving the land rough with the bodies of the fallen. For Cojax, training to become a defender of the city is his greatest ambition. That all changes when a girl from outside the city walls appears – from a land that supposedly held no life. Her presence threatens to undermine the entire society, putting Cojax in an impossible situation. He must now choose between what is right and what is necessary for humanity to survive.

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Here’s what some are saying about the novel:

I think this is one of the best Dystopian novels I have ever read. … Kalidonia – Amazon customer

… a mixture of “The maze Runner”, “The giver”, and “Hunger games” all rolled into one plus more. I couldn’t put the book down … Amazon customer.

Fantastic book! It wasn’t long before I was wrapped up in the story… Mindy – Amazon customer

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New collection of stories available on Amazon

Beasts, Brutes and Abominations


 Welcome to the world of the beastly, the monstrous and the diabolical. Tom G.H. Adams has compiled six tales to disturb and unsettle you, each one written in blood dripping from his dark pen.

Ever wondered what a demon thinks during its eternal existence? What about the concept of a place where suffering is several orders of magnitude greater than hell itself? A place where even children are held accountable. Can you imagine the torment? Tom Adams can, and he wants to share his visions with you.

Beasts, Brutes and Abominations features a story about majestic creatures roaming the earth at the time of the Great Flood, a glimpse into the life of a woman who has sex with machines and a leaf from the diary of a teenage girl who’s conscience has been seared as if by a hot iron. All these and more, tied together with author’s notes after every story, giving the reader an insight into his twisted inspiration.

You have been given an invitation to enter these worlds of horror, written in the classic tradition of Ramsey Campbell, James Herbert and John Connolly. Just be sure to bring an arsenal of weaponry – these beasts don’t fight fair.

Caution – Adult /18+ content.

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New audiobook – Lusus naturae now available on Audible.

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Lusus Naturae is Beauty and the Beast in reverse. Charles Renshaw, an aristocrat, purchases a monster called Cyprian – a member of the rare species, Lamia. At first, Cyprian fulfils the role of a collector’s whimsy, then becomes an object of passion as Renshaw’s obsession with her leads him on a path to ruin. Within a short time, he sees his monster’s feral nature emerge and understands that she cannot be controlled as easily as he first imagined. As Renshaw tries to limit the damage he comes to realize that ownership of this exotic creature brings great responsibility.


Other books by Tom G.H Adams

The Psychonaut – Book 1 in the Psychonaut trilogy.

How would it change your life if you knew what everyone else was thinking?
Merrick Whyte has used such a talent to profit from the world of high finance and business mergers. He puts it down to psychology, the study of body language and good background research.
But the game is about to change. Someone is seeking his skills for a different purpose – one that leads him into the clandestine world of the occult.
After falling foul of the law, he learns that discerning between friend and foe is not an easy task, especially when reality gets turned upside down. As he discovers the true extent of his psychonautic talents, he struggles to keep his enigmatic girlfriend, Lotus from being sucked into a conflict that spreads to Eastern Asia.
In an apocalyptic convergence of events, only Merrick and his Outcasts stand between a powerful enemy and the ultimate prize – dominion of this world and the realms beyond the Gateways.

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